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Animal Kingdom, George, Disney Princesses DTC, GYPSY/ What a way to beat the cold! Scrap summer layouts!

I made these fun layouts using the Gypsy to weld the words to the frame. It turned out just how I wanted it to! YAY! I used Animal Kingdom for the "Splish Splash", George for the shadow behind it, Disney Princesses DCT for the actual water splashes, and All mixed up for the circle frame. Then I dotted the I's with felt...and voilá, done!

Gypsy Font, Gypsy W., SYI, Mickey and Friends, From My Kitchen, Zoobaloo /Boy Album

Ok, so I don't have my Gypsy running in full swing, but I was able to use it for some of these pages. I used Gypsy Font and Gypsy wanderings, Stretch Your Imagination, Mickey and Friends, From My Kitchen, Zoobaloo, stamps found at J's, the Cuttlebug, Stickles, and pop dots here and there. I had tons of fun making this gift and can definitely say the Gypsy made it much more fun to make. I can't wait to dive into more projects! Please let me know your thoughts!!

Got the GYPSY!!

So I finally own the Gypsy, only to find out I need to update my computer to be able to use my G! As I recall, the last time this happened in our home, we ended up having to upgrade to an entirely new computer. (That ain't gonna happen). I'll still try to see what I can do in the meantime....

TBBM/ Goodie Bags

We recently had a disastrous trip to Disney, (no details on that), but I did have pics of some goody bags I had made for my young one's  bday party and I was REALLY enthused by them so I decided, why not? It's my blog & I'll post if I want to!! Besides, it's a great way to make lemonade out of the whole situation and focus on the positive! I used TBBM. What a great cart!!! The handle was a sizzix border die, and some of the sides had a Mickey punch I got from Creative Memories. Let me know what you think!

Doodlecharms, several carts / Spanish flip book

Ok, so I've been out of the scene for what seems like an eternity. This is the risk you run when you have several interests and severe inability to do one thing at a time...I'm sure this is a unique ability only I possess. Otherwise I'd be like everyone else... right? So before anyone recommends any meds, here's a little book I made for my little one in the hopes that he become bilingual and spare me the embarrassment of  not speaking any Spanish whatsoever. It's not new, but I considered it post-worthy since it took me so long to make... enjoy! Also, please let me know if you also justify your crafting as a way to "teach"...LOL!