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Peek-a-Boo Lace Brassiere Card

 Hi all,
This is a very special card that I made for a special someone. The woman receiving it underwent a double mastectomy. We all know, this is a  a traumatic experience for anyone and also a time when any degree of gentleness that can be bestowed upon the recipient is absolutely important.

Gentleness is the sentiment I wanted to convey with this beautiful card and envelope, and as it was requested, a little humor as well. Laughter is the best medicine of course!

I began with a brassiere that I designed and selected a soft pink pattern for. 
To make it even more delicate, I added several layers of antique lace, tulle, and texture throughout with soft embossed papers.
For a very feminine touch, the corsage included pretty flowers and a feather. It was important to me that it still keep the message that she is beautiful.

The shaped card does open, and there is a secret message inside just for her that reads: 
"I'm here to support you". This was customized just for this card, and the larger background also opens to provide room for a larger message to be written.

This card is very layered, so I was sure to make a matching envelope that would fit it nicely, and closed it off with a floral bouquet made from ephemera, a doily, and an antique bone button. This is all set on a beautiful background of floral and pink papers.
I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and that you are always inspired by my blog to spread gentleness to others. 
Be inspired, Be Blessed!