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Christmas Centerpieces

Hi friends, 
This post is regarding some handmade flowers, and what I used them for.
I have been playing around with my Cricut and Cameo machines, and stretching myself to see what I can accomplish. Today, I am sharing one of my latest projects with Home Decor.
I used my Cricut to design these poinsettias, (not a Cricut file) and decided to use creams and golds. Each flower is hand colored, embellished with ink, enamels, and chunky glitter. I loved making them, and they added the perfect touch to this vase. 

To make the entire ensemble coordinate, I also etched several leaf designs unto the glass. This took an ordinary piece, and made it look luxurious!

Here is a better view of the etching on the glass. It takes patience, but the results are stunning!!

For my other designs, I used my Cameo. I must say, these flowers were a bit more work....a LOT more work. (not a Cameo file). I am so very happy with the results however, as I had to really challenge myself, and the results were exactly what I envisioned!

Each was slightly different, and I grouped them, or placed them singularly onto the ribbon I tied around each glass vase. 

All of these vases are also etched, although it is difficult to see that in the pictures.

This picture shows the same shorter vase from a different perspective.

All of the centers were meticulously prepared with care. I used seed beads and other pieces as well as sequins. The flowers also sparkle with gold. 
I hope this has been motivating to you. Keep working with your supplies, and of course, 
Be inspired, Be Blessed!

pssst..if you prefer a video...