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Plantin' Schoolbook, Home Décor / Birthday card for boy!

I cannot believe my oldest son is 12!! This doesn't leave much room for cutesy little things anymore, so for his birthday I was in a crunch. How to make a card using the cricut and still have him like it? Well, I do work best under pressure and in about an hour (with many interruptions), I was able to come up with this card. It's called a tri-fold card, and the ladies at have a wonderful tutorial on it. The right paper can make all the difference! I used Plantin Schoolbook for the cityscape, My community for the clock (striking 12!!) and Home Décor for the star. He liked it, and I was happy :)


  1. Great job! 12 year olds, especially boys are hard to come with something. You did great and I bet thatds of yours loved it,

  2. Great card it was really cool and the colors fit so nice. I'm glad your son loved it. tfs


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