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Multimedia Teacup Piece with Devotional

Thank you for joining me,
Today my post is dedicated to a journal entry and mixed-media piece I made using watercolor, pencils,and ink. It is based on Psalm 34:8. 
For me, to paint is to worship, so I aim to listen, not for perfection.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
Psalm 34:8
You prayed long and hard to be in the relationship you thought you always wanted. “God, please allow me to be with the man you want me to be with, the one of your choosing. Not my will, but yours, be done…”

Sounds like a great prayer. After all, you believe that God’s intentions for you are better than your own. It’s also possible that you had previously chosen a partner without God’s blessing, and you learned the hard way how that turns out.

You are excited about your life with this modern-day Boaz, and yet, something seems amiss. You are confused by brokenness you are now witnessing. Is it possible God made a mistake? What now? Why isn’t his armor all shiny and strong? Wait a minute…do I see cardboard??

It may very well be that you were “shopping for a teacup.” (Humor me on this) You know, we women do this all the time. You stop into your favorite little shop. The one that sells the pretty little things you hope to find under a Christmas tree and the trinkets you dream to have in your Pinterest inspired home. (someday)

You select the teacup that you like, you admire its golden rim, and the way it sits on your thumb just right, or maybe even turn it over, look at the designer name on the bottom, and picture how great it would look when you’re drinking your favorite oolong, chamomile, or chai, with your pinky finger pointed away- and perfect Audrey Hepburn bangs.

It’s no surprise you are dumbfounded when God hands you the blessed vessel he has set aside for you. You open the box, and you see a chipped mug. You notice old coffee stains and maybe even fingerprints, and ask: “Are you sure God? How can this be what you have for me? After all, if you love me, won’t you give me the desires of my heart?”

To this he responds: “You are looking for the golden rim, and the designer label, but you are not paying attention to what I am pouring into him. You are crying over your mismatched set, and wonder why the porcelain wasn’t reserved for you, but what you don’t understand is that the contents that I fill this cup with, is what will truly quench you.”

You may have lived your life seeking to be filled so quickly, that once you receive this cup, you are even likely to want to guzzle up what’s inside. Only to then complain that now your lips are burning! Your heavenly father reminds you, that you are to be a lady, and sip slowly.

 Sister, to really enjoy this cup, you must take your time, handle it with care. After all, you have no idea what God has been doing to mold, shape, and sometimes piece together your Boaz. This vessel is meant to sustain you, to bring you warmth and keep you company as you seek God, but it is not up to you to determine what material it will be made of. God is taking care of that. He is the potter. Not us. So when you see him, be reminded that the chipped handle can be fixed, but prayer and a gentle spirit is what will lead him to want to always be in your hands. That, and a good biscuit*.
Be inspired,  Be blessed- Raquel SK