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Christmas gifts, Quick and Easy!

Hi all, 
This blog post is late, but this is something I wanted to note, and share with others. 
I love making projects that are not only decorative, but useful. This past Christmas, all gifts in our home needed to be made quickly, but not at the expense of a good presentation.
The answer to this was easy! I used my Silhouette Cameo, and quickly decorated some jars with a "Merry Christmas" and adorable little Snowflakes in  shiny Vinyl. 
In a short period of time, my son had some adorable gifts to hand out to his teachers. That, and he helped to make them!! 

evidence of tweenager helping!
I want to teach my children that gratitude is important, and that it's never a bad idea to let his teachers know that their hard work is appreciated. The gifts may not be expensive, but taking the time to give them is what matters most. 

These were made by filling each jar with enough hot chocolate mix to make at least two strong cups.followed by mini marshmallows, and topped with chocolate chips. 
This is a versatile gift, especially in the wintertime, and the jars are reusable! To me, that is a win-win!
I hope you like this, and that it give you an idea for the next occasion in which you have to quickly come up with gifts for a group.
Be inspired, Be blessed!-Raquel