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Christmas Card á la Tammy Faye Baker

I made this Christmas card with Hoot 'n Holler and I was determined it look "different". Well, I'm not so sure what happened, but in my quest for adding a little glitter to the card, I suddenly had a flashback to a television interview I saw years ago. All I can say is "Momma owl reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker!" I don't think this one will go on the "for sale" pile, that is, unless it's a personal request. Enjoy!
Baby bird is singing y'all!

The inspiration for the card...

And we'll call her Tammy... notice papa Owl can't look at her.


  1. Cute! Very different Christmas card. I see what you mean by the momma bird reminding you of tammy faye..she always had those huge lashes with tons of mascara ;)


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