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How do you Embellish??

Hi friends, 

Some of us are addicted to details, details, details!!

I am guilty of looking at embellishments in a store, and walking away a bit...underwhelmed. To ensure I'm not left with that feeling, I like to challenge myself, and when this happens, I always discover something fun I like to do!
Here I found out that my dies like to have a "Buddy"
This stash of embellishments that will be ready for me when I want to add that special little something to one of my projects. After all, a girl can never have too many pretty things!

 I looked for dies in my stash that fit the same theme, and made the most of them with beads, sequins, flowers, you name it!
I used my Cricut , several dies, Maggie Holmes papers, and several coordinating items.
 The idea here is to have fun with the items in my stash, and layer items that I feel "fit" well with each one another. 
It can be color, texture, shape, or theme. Find something you like, and then, find its buddy!

Making sure to keep things balanced, and adding sparkle her and there with pearls and sequins allowed me to keep these ultra girly pieces looking cohesive and not overdone.

These TUTU rosettes just came to me, and I am sooo in love with the results! I can now add these to gift bags, mail, wands, or the cover of a card or mini album! 

The same is true for these shaker cameras. They look great just sitting on my desk, but I must make room for more!
I hope that you had fun looking through these pictures! Prefer a video?
Watch me here:

Be inspired, Be blessed!