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Card for 70?

My DS has a wonderful teacher who just hadababyitsaboy. He and his band mates needed a card for approximately 70 kids to sign. Thank God in heaven or 12 by 12 paper! Anywho-I used New Arrival-because it has it all, and I see no need to get yet another baby cart since my babies are on hyper-drive and growing like weeds. I loved making it! It measures 6 by 12 inches, and I matted the entire inside to allow room to sign away. The little train is cut in the top layer, blackout (to add stability I used Kraft cardstock) and shadow in white. Enjoy!

I added sequins for the steam, and hand-wrote the title of the card in white ink.

The characters all got eyelets for the eyes, inking here & there, glaze smiles, and the yellow cart is dry-embossed. 

I also added ric-rac on the background, twine to connect the carts, and little felt stickers to the centers of the wheels in different sizes. 


  1. It's great! So very adorable! What a great mom you are!


  2. Super Sweet! So nice of you:-)


  3. Wow! a very cute card! you are really good too! compliments and thanks for commenting on my blog

  4. Such a cute card, love all the detail and the colors are really pretty.


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