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When a card stops being "just a card"

Hi there,
If you're reading this, chances are you were drawn to the colors on the page. You see a cute little dinosaur card, a giraffe, and a fish. What you don't see is the story behind the cards. The irony behind the fact that I never started out as a "card maker", and I've been known to say "I don't even like making cards!" Furthermore, the fact that this little thing called a hobby has led me to meet some incredible people who have blessed my life in ways that they'll never know. If you're still reading, I may be writing about you. You see, God has provided me with this insatiable need to be creative, and despite circumstances that have at times left me feeling so depleted that I can't even as much as look at a pretty piece of paper, the need to create, and the look on someone's face when they receive a card I've made, or tell me "that's so much better than what I imagined" lets me know that this messy little craft is so much bigger than little old me. That God doesn't "just" make us, He intentionally makes us the way we are. Our unique talents are usable, and He can bless us when we put our lives in His hands. So maybe on occasion you might just see paper, glue, paint, and a big mess on a table, but consider how our maker didn't just see dust when He made man, He saw so much more, and for that, I am so grateful. Thanks for reading and  May God Bless you abundantly!-Raquel. 


  1. How beautiful Raquel! I love the cards and what u said. I see God in my girls and nature but never really thought about my creativity He gives me. I have a award for you on my blog so please visit me!


  2. Thank you for your devotional. I haven't browsed through the blogs I follow in about a month and just decided briefly to check the Google Reader to see what has been posted. Yours was right at the top and exactly what I needed this afternoon. May God Bless you and everyone who reads your post.

    A Card Retreat


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