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Update on Elizabeth

Hi there, this post is for those of you who were so generous as to join in to send cards to a young girl named Elizabeth (Lizzy)  I mentioned to you in this post. When I heard what had happened to her, my immediate reaction was to share it with all of you and try to show her family that they were not alone and that others would be praying for them. Well, it turns out you can follow her story on Facebook and see how this young lady is inspiring others and keeping a positive outlook on life and the outpouring of support  from her community is truly beautiful to see. As I stated before, I am not acquainted with the family, nor do I know her personally but I love reading about her and you will too! Again, thank you to those who took the time to show your support! Sincerely-Raquel

It is with great sorrow that I share that Elizabeth (Lizzy) passed away despite fighting the horrible disease that took her life. Hug your loved ones, and keep them close. Thank you to those of you who joined me in sending her family a little encouragement. Hugs~Raquel