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Card for Aidan

His belly is flocked to make it soft.
Hi there, this is a little card I made for Aidan, a young little boy from Kentucky who's going through a rough time right now. You can find out more about him on Mary's page and if you're curious enough to follow the link, please consider joining in to send him a card as well. I must say I haven't had a card come together so easily before & I was very inspired after reading about him.

The sun is shining down on him sending him happiness & warmth.
I used a white pen to add stitching to the letters and the rest of the sentiment is hand-written.
The face on the little leaf is my own design, using ink.


  1. Raquel, that is so adorable! I'm sure he'll love to feel the flocking-what a great touch! I read about him too, and am making a card this weekend. Great job on yours! I love the stitching on the letters.


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