Use Cricut Design Space 3 to Make a beautiful Glue Gun holder!!

Thank you for joining me!
There are several tutorials available to make your own version of this project. They are all beautiful, and I decided it was time to give it a go!
This is just my version, but you know I had to use my Cricut Explore Air and make it pretty!!
First, gather your supplies. This means a haul trip to the $$ store, where you will find a glass piece for the bottom and a candle holder. Go for something heavy, as this is meant to hold your glue gun and keep it from sliding off your table.
The size of the opening should allow your glue gun to rest comfortably. I was fortunate to find one that had an opening large enough for my glue gun, and has a favorite Bible verse from the book of Joshua!! 
I used the Gold glitter vinyl & my weeding tool (retro Cricut user here!)
Ensure you make your image smaller than the perimeter of your glass base. I made mine 5' round.

To cut the Vinyl, I used the custom setting in Design Space 3, before releasing the mat, verify that this has cut completely, and if you are in doubt, you can simply press the Cut button before releasing the mat for a second go around. 

Once I weeded the vinyl, I noticed the bottom is actually silver, and just as beautiful as the top!

This vinyl came with the Strong Transfer tape ** I do not prefer this tape**, you may use the regular transfer tape from Cricut, or even contact paper.
Next, to make the glass pretty...
To release it to your surface, burnish the vinyl to the glass surface and peel away gently at an angle. I used a bone folder.  
You may use an epoxy glue that adheres glass and ceramics to adhere your candle holder to your base, and now you have a stunning piece to hold your glue gun or any little trinkets on your table!
There are many versions of this out there, I hope you have fun making your own!
Be inspired, Be blessed!- Raquel

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