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Blog Award

I've just received an award from 2 blog friends and I am so thankful! It's super sweet to have kind gestures awaiting on my computer, and especially surprising to receive such warm messages along with them. So a huge Thank YOU goes out to Gina and Tisha , two wonderful ladies who provide some great inspiration, so go check them out ok? To receive this I have to post 7 things about me and pass it a long to 8 blogger friends , so here goes: 1. I just spent a couple of days at the CK convention in Buffalo NY with some girlfriends, it was so fun! 2. I've never actually tasted authentic Buffalo wings... ironic right? 3. I prefer raw tuna to cooked.... sushi rocks! 4. If Cricut made a cart about sushi, I would buy it, make a mini about sushi, then make excuses to eat out so as to take several pics for my mini... have I said too much? 5. The lingo in the craft world sounds crazy to the "other" people who don't know 'bout scrap, but I don't care. 6.

Thank you card/ From My Kitchen

Hi there, This is just a little thank you card I made using From My Kitchen. I love the papers, and it went with a few kitchen linens as a gift, so I thought the die cuts were appropriate. I also used one of the recipe card cuts as the place to display the stamp, and it was the perfect fit! Gotta love the Cricut! All of the black accents also have glossy accents on them to give a little sheen. Perhaps I should've used brown for the coffee cup.... she's gonna need some serious creamer, LOL!

Drip, Drip...

Here's a little birthday card I personalized for a good friend. I love word art, but I usually save it for "younger" layouts and cards. I guess you could say she lucked out...hee, hee ! The Ice cream cone is from Indie Art, and I LOVE the texture on the cone, it just makes you wanna go eat a waffle cone! It reads : "I've heard things get drippy at your age", hey, I'm just sayin'... This will join a little gift and perhaps some mylanta...enjoy!

Girl Mini Album

Hi friends, I decided to share a little mini album I've been working on the last few days for a birthday girl. ( sorry for the horrid pictures, it's raining  here!) I used several different stamps, techniques and a very simple theme throughout. It will be bound and off to be given tomorrow. I hope she likes it! Her name is Isa ,short for Isabel, and as the number suggests, she'll be 6! The flower is a stamp, embossed and layered, with the 6 added as the center. I also used Viva pearls throughout. This is the inside cover, with a detachable mini book to add journaling or pics. Back of the little book, attached with velcro. Page 3 allows for a picture, with a little ribbon. This page is embossed with the same flower stamp as the cover, and the tree has glossy accents on it. The flower is also "popped".  I added glossy accents to this tree, and a little felt bird. The mat is stamped, and I used white gel ink to accent the stamping.

Thank you

I'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have taken part in sending young Elizabeth a card of encouragement. I have to share what I've been able to learn from this experience. In planning this card I looked up the meaning for Elizabeth, a name found in the Bible only twice. It's meaning is "God's promise", and as Psalm 145:13 says, "The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made." We don't always know the reasons for which children suffer, or why innocent lives have to endure pain or discomfort, but I can attest to the faithfulness of God in the midst of all our troubles. To those of you who were touched by this little girl's circumstance, I ask that you pray for her family, and if I'm fortunate enough to find out any good news, I promise to share it. May God bless you all!-Raquel

Graduation Card/ Mojo Monday

I was inspired to use the Mojo Monday sketch from last week to get started on some Graduation Cards. It made the presentation a lot easier and I loved the final result. TFL! Cap and diploma are from A Child's Year. I also added a MS punch for the scalloped edge. The colors are representative of the local High School.